Welcome to Knutepunkt 09

Our vision for Knutepunkt 09 was that we would search for the things in larp that really matter.

  • Before and during Knutepunkt we want to identify and document tools and methods that makes it easier to realize your larp dream.
  • During Knutepunkt our prority is to facilitate meaningful content and creative meetings.
  • After Knutepunkt it will be easier to create more and better larps for more people.

KP09 is over, and this site is now mostly inactive. If you want to add content, please contact the webmaster for access.

Sign-up for Knutpunkt 2010 open

The sign-up for Knutpunkt 2010 is now open. This year's theme is "show not tell". From the web-page:

"This means putting to use our well-honed skills of creating immersive and participatory events to show the latest and greatest in role-playing design, playing techniques, character creation, edu-larping, and whatnot. In brief, we are focusing on things that engage through active participation.

We also want everyone to contribute. Yes, that means YOU! We are convinced that there is at least one game, larp, workshop or event in each and everyone of us. So why don't you bring that old game that you wrote two years ago, or re-run that great minilarp you attended last summer? Or pick a game from our list of ideas and requests, and make it happen? Whatever you do, people will find something to take away from it. Feel free to make it short, though. The programme is going to be packed!"

For more info, see:


Mittelpunkt 2010

From the web page of Mittelpunkt:

"LARP-MittelPunkt will take place for the fifth time. From january 15th to 17th 2010 it offers its participants the possibility to exchange with other larpers and to get new ideas about larp. The LARP-MittelPunkt is modelled on the Knudepunkt/Knutepunkt/Knutpunkt/Solmukohta (nodal point), an annual international larp conference that alternates between the nordic countries of Denmark, Sweden, Norway, and Finland since 1997."

Check it out!

European Larp Convention

The web site of the European Larp Convention is up and running! See it and sign up here:


Feedback on KP09

We invited everyone who participated on Knutepunkt 2009 to fill out a survey. We have now gone through the numbers and can post the results here. Thanks to everyone who contributed and gave us this valuable feedback!

Knutpunkt 2010

Knutpunkt 2010 will take place in Stockholm, Sweden. The organizers so far are Andie Nordgren and Staffan Jonsson. They want your view on what the important aspects of Knutepunkt are and what your ideas are for making the next Knutpunkt a good one. Visit the Knutpunkt 2010 webpage here.

The organizers of Knutepunkt 2009 wish Andie and Staffan all the best in making a great event next year. Hope to see you all again in Stockholm!

Read articles from the Knutepunkt 2009 book

It's official. The 2009 Knutepunkt book is called "Larp, the Universe and Everything", and is currently at the printer's. All KP participants will get their copy at the event.

But for those who can't wait, or would like to read up before Knutepunkt, we'll be publishing the book in PDF format - a few articles at the time - in the days leading up to KP and AWIN. Articles are published continually here.

The Knutepunkt Web

Knutepunkt is about meeting people outside your usual larping crowd. These people can give you new ideas, inspiration, practical tips, great friendship and lots of fun. With this interactive homepage we want to give you a chance to get a head start on that process. Make a profile, start a blog, tell us what you are interested in and what it is you really love about larping. What is it that really matters to you?

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