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Not-so-scientific reseach of sexual habbits at Knutepunkt 2009

On the bus trip to Oslo after Knutepunkt, I took it upon myself to make this not so scientific research of the sexual habits at Knutpunkt. Here is the result of the survey to examine the Knutpunkt fuck fest myth.

The questions read as follows:
1: Did you have sex at Knutpunkt?
2: Did you make out at Knutpunkt?
3: Did you flirt?

Questions added by people:
- did you enjoy having sex/make out/flirt?
- did you have sex in or of game?
- which was better of- or ingame sex

The answers from the total 50 people who answered are:
1: 7(14%) Yes, 1(2%) Can't Remember, 42(84%) No
2: 14(28%) Yes, 1(2%) Can't Remember, 35(70%) No
3: 30(60%) Yes, 1(2%) Can't Remember, 19 (38%) No

I would like to comment that 4 of the people answering Yes to the first question actually was couples going to the event together, and therefor could be suspected of having sex anyways... Non the less i would like to conclude that Knutepunkt is by no means the fuck fest it have been said to be. I am very disappointed (the statistics for make out was raised by 4% when I an Onni got to make out on the buss - so I almost went through a whole Knutepunkt with flirting and no intimate contact 8if you don't count dancing)) - we better shape up till next year.

Morgan Jarl
Hobby Anthropologist

The one cool thing I saw at Knutpunkt movies on YouTube

Some of you might have met Tobias Wrigstad with a camera during Knuepunkt asking what about "The one cool thing I saw at Knutpunkt" These movies are now online:

Farewell Messages


Work for peace for the next 365 days and more!

Scandinavians, we love you... - Your Czechs

See you Cards at next year Walkabout! - The Sun

The Danes liked the food :-)

Did you get laid? Post pics on Facebook! - Yours Claus


Thanks everyone for making this the best KP I have been to! Love!

Searching for a viking for next KP. Greetings - A German Woman

First time. Mindblowing.

Foi muito divertido :-)

Next year KGB will be watching all ye pervasez! :-)

Nabudúce ;)

Nyt on Claus Raasted mainittu tässä lauseessa!

Lesen... wait for it.


Free the fiction!

So long and thanks for all the food! :-)

Bai-Bai! :B)

So... What comes next!

The School Trip can now be downloaded

The opening game "The School Trip" by Martin Svahn and Johan Nilsson can now be downloaded from Frispel's webpage:

Thank you!

Back from KP, I'm lying in bed with a sore throat and aching limbs.

That's how it should be, isn't it?

Thanks to everyone for a great and inspiring experience.

First impressions

So full of impressions. So many creative meetings, new people, interresting programme spots, lectures and games, wonderful parties and new acquaintaces. I´m immensely happy.

More reflections to come when I´ve landed in a day or two. Good night and thanks for all the fish.

The Knutepunkt bubble of love is more real than ever.

Plans for the future...

We are planning on documenting as much as we can, and publish it online as soon as possible. This means minutes from the programme posts that we were able to document, photos, film and any other media that we are able to lay our hands on.

If you've attended a programme event you enjoyed, feel free to write a review and send it to

A more formal request will probably be sent later, but don't sit up waiting. :)

Ritual workshop: From Dionysos to Apollo

On Friday at 16-18 Mike Pohjola is holding a ritual workshop called From Dionysos to Apollo.

The Norwegians have long been very interested in ritual use in larps, and the relationship between ritual and roleplaying.

I’ve searched for texts on emotional immersion in an art context, and found Nietzsche made interesting points about the worship of Dionysos and Apollon in his early writing. This workshop explores different categories of rituals: from ecstatic Dionysian to classic Greek tragedy... and tries to find their connections to larp.

The ritual workshop is part of my larger ten-year aesthetic project dealing with writing and roleplaying – one that will also include my thesis work at The Helsinki University of Art and Design.

Mike Pohjola is an author, poet, screenwriter, larpwright and a RPG designer. He has created larps for several arts festivals in different countries. He is now involved with the Company P in the creating of ground breaking pervasive entertainment.

Dollplay presented by Pohjola and Elricsson

On Saturday at 15-17 Martin Elricsson and Mike Pohjola will be talking about Dollplay, Sanningen om Marika and a little about the future projects of The Company P.

The Company P is a Stockholm-based media company started by Nordic larp veterans three years back. They have focused on interactive and participative media - essentially combining roleplaying methods with traditional media.

Be sure not to miss presentations on these combinations of hardcore roleplaying and mainstream tv! A year ago Sanningen om Marika won an International Emmy Award for Best Interactive Tv Service.

The more recent Dollplay was an interactive web drama augmenting Joss Whedon’s new show Dollhouse. The game is called Dollplay and it’s as close to video roleplaying as we can get. The idea is that people could make their own videos and communicate with the main character through them.

Martin Ericsson is the Creative Director of the Company P. He has pushed the boundaries for what larp can be for more than a decade and has recently created the pervasive games Sanningen om Marika and Dollplay.

Mike Pohjola is an author, poet, screenwriter, larpwright and a RPG designer. He has created larps for several arts festivals in different countries. He is now involved with the Company P in the creating of ground breaking pervasive entertainment.

Knot again

To whom it may concern:

Having reread some of the texts in "The Armanian Files" (a collection of texts from I have found that my feelings and opinions have changed somewhat, but not much. So I'll bring the remaining copies and peddle them shamelessly.

In about 18 hours from now I'll be back to see what can be gained from Knutepunkt. Not really sure what to expect, but my mind is more open that I admit it was the last time around...

Kind of excited to be honest...

...and if you have read this far, why not look into some of the stuff on my (still not updated) Morigel-site:

My personal recommendation is:

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