What is Knutepunkt?

Knutepunkt (known as Solmukohta, Knutpunkt or Knudepunkt when held in Finland, Sweden and Denmark respectively) is an annual Nordic role-playing convention with a strong emphasis on live-action role-playing.

Since the first event, Knutepunkt has evolved into the main venue of cooperation between Nordic role-playing gamers. The panels, lectures and workshops are a goldmine for finding new ideas about gaming and game organizing, and for floating old ideas around - it is a wonder how many old ideas in one gaming culture are found to be a novelty in another.

Knutepunkt is not, however, only about the talks and seminars. It is about meeting interesting people and sharing your ideas and views with them – it is about having fun and finding inspiration. The event is built and constructed in the parties and informal meetings, as well as in A Week in Norway.

In the last few years, the event has expanded its horizons considerably. In addition to the main Nordic countries, we have had participants from many corners of the world.

So, no matter where you are from, no matter whether you are an old gaming enthusiast or new to the live-action role-playing scene, welcome!

Promotion: Salem 1906

WANTED: Good players

Salem 1906 is not of the regular games you see in conventions. The scenery, the costumes, the details.

It has already run 9 times before, one of them was last year in Helsinki with 18 players. The outcome was fascinating.

It is a dramatic game about death mystery of an unexplained mental plague and an investigation that lives again the famous Salem witch hunt events of 1692-1693, but 213 years later.

The game provides basic costumes, you're welcomed to bring your own.

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