Dollplay presented by Pohjola and Elricsson

On Saturday at 15-17 Martin Elricsson and Mike Pohjola will be talking about Dollplay, Sanningen om Marika and a little about the future projects of The Company P.

The Company P is a Stockholm-based media company started by Nordic larp veterans three years back. They have focused on interactive and participative media - essentially combining roleplaying methods with traditional media.

Be sure not to miss presentations on these combinations of hardcore roleplaying and mainstream tv! A year ago Sanningen om Marika won an International Emmy Award for Best Interactive Tv Service.

The more recent Dollplay was an interactive web drama augmenting Joss Whedon’s new show Dollhouse. The game is called Dollplay and it’s as close to video roleplaying as we can get. The idea is that people could make their own videos and communicate with the main character through them.

Martin Ericsson is the Creative Director of the Company P. He has pushed the boundaries for what larp can be for more than a decade and has recently created the pervasive games Sanningen om Marika and Dollplay.

Mike Pohjola is an author, poet, screenwriter, larpwright and a RPG designer. He has created larps for several arts festivals in different countries. He is now involved with the Company P in the creating of ground breaking pervasive entertainment.