Ritual workshop: From Dionysos to Apollo

On Friday at 16-18 Mike Pohjola is holding a ritual workshop called From Dionysos to Apollo.

The Norwegians have long been very interested in ritual use in larps, and the relationship between ritual and roleplaying.

I’ve searched for texts on emotional immersion in an art context, and found Nietzsche made interesting points about the worship of Dionysos and Apollon in his early writing. This workshop explores different categories of rituals: from ecstatic Dionysian to classic Greek tragedy... and tries to find their connections to larp.

The ritual workshop is part of my larger ten-year aesthetic project dealing with writing and roleplaying – one that will also include my thesis work at The Helsinki University of Art and Design.

Mike Pohjola is an author, poet, screenwriter, larpwright and a RPG designer. He has created larps for several arts festivals in different countries. He is now involved with the Company P in the creating of ground breaking pervasive entertainment.