Sign-up for Knutpunkt 2010 open

The sign-up for Knutpunkt 2010 is now open. This year's theme is "show not tell". From the web-page:

"This means putting to use our well-honed skills of creating immersive and participatory events to show the latest and greatest in role-playing design, playing techniques, character creation, edu-larping, and whatnot. In brief, we are focusing on things that engage through active participation.

We also want everyone to contribute. Yes, that means YOU! We are convinced that there is at least one game, larp, workshop or event in each and everyone of us. So why don't you bring that old game that you wrote two years ago, or re-run that great minilarp you attended last summer? Or pick a game from our list of ideas and requests, and make it happen? Whatever you do, people will find something to take away from it. Feel free to make it short, though. The programme is going to be packed!"

For more info, see: